Anne Kihagi

San Francisco, California

About Anne Kihagi

Anne Kihagi is a landlord who owns and operates West 18 Properties, an umbrella property management company that renovates, maintains, and oversees a variety of properties in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.

West 18 Properties specializes in Victorian and Edwardian homes, restoring them to their former glory while preserving the iconic architectural styles that define San Francisco. As owner and operator of the company, Anne uses research, salvaged materials, and local contractors to create spaces worthy of San Francisco’s one of a kind population.
“The city has been – since its founding – a hub for explorers, innovators, and leaders in industry.” – Anne Kihagi

Anne Kihagi began buying apartment buildings in West Hollywood over 15 years ago and has steadily made her mark in real estate ever since. In the face of property management successes, dramas, and ups and downs that come naturally in the business, one thing has always remained clear: her grit and determination to make a positive impact on the community around her. This shines through her day-to-day work with the company, but also through other outlets she has created.

Over the years she has sought out opportunities to inspire and educate others on the sometimes complex laws that govern apartment living. The results: both tenants and landlords alike can feel empowered to live comfortably and hassle-free. This is especially crucial for a place like San Francisco, where the market is both highly competitive and highly priced, thanks to the booming tech-driven industry that shapes it. Anne previously created the “Musings of a Landlord” blog to cover topics including AirBNB, rent control, subletting, remodeling, and gentrification.
On a personal note, Anne Kihagi’s interests include various styles of interior design, clean energy and conservation, and much more. Her career has fortunately allowed her to explore these interests in many ways, be it overseeing beautiful remodels of bathrooms and kitchens, getting involved with “green” properties that have solar panels (such as 3947 18th Street, a solar-powered apartment building managed by West 18 Properties) and more. Even outside of her career, Anne enjoys doing her own research and sharing inspiration she finds on these topics.
Keep up with this blog for Anne Kihagi’s news and updates surrounding West 18 Properties, as well as general market news, interviews with her happy tenants, and much more. To learn more about her other interests, check out her personal blog.