As we move through the summer months, people all over the country are making moves to new destinations. Whether someone is moving because of a new job opportunity, or to satisfy their travel bug, Americans are moving at incredible rates. A large part of this group include millennials, or those aged between 24-36 years, and they are not showing any sign of slowing down. Where exactly is this generation moving to, and how is it affecting other major cities in the United States?
Business Insider recently published an article that lists the top ten cities that millennials have been flocking to so far in 2018, and some of the results may surprise you. Not only is the top city for millennials to move to outside of California, but not a single city from the sunshine state made the list. State of Colorado had 2 cities in the list – the number 1 which was Colorado Springs and number 3 was Denver.  The southern states which have a higher affordability index showed well including Austin, Cape Coral, Houston and Sarasota.
While many people believe that California boasts a young population, it continues to become one of the older states in the nation. By 2030, the state’s 65 and older population is expected to grow by nearly 4 million people, which is expected to have a significant impact on both the healthcare and economy. With a significant amount of changes expected to hit the state, how is California planning on attracting young people again?
To begin with, one piece of the puzzle that appeals to every young generation is the opportunity for jobs. Maintaining a health job field can not only attract working generations, but can help to revamp a city’s appeal, similar to how we have seen with Sacramento in recent years. Finding a growing field like IT has helped the city to begin attracting more millennials, which has in turn provided more money to the city. If the state of California can continue creating jobs, while actively working to maintain affordable cost of living among both Northern and Southern California cities, they can begin to build the base of younger generations that they will so desperately need in the coming years.
As the job market continues to grow and prosper in the coming years, so will the economy of the different California cities, making it easier for them to begin promoting some of the smaller, less-known cities in California. Why should we focus on these smaller cities? In recent years, a significant amount of attention and promotional efforts have been focused on the larger cities, like San Diego and San Francisco, while smaller cities like Santa Barbara have remained in the background.
What makes the biggest state in the nation so appealing is the ability to find one’s own perfect fit, because of the vast amount options available. If you want to live by the beach, you have an abundance of beautiful beach towns and cities, and you find yourself with just as many options inland. No matter what size, style or people you are looking for, California offers a variety of diverse, unique places that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We can show the younger generations why California continues to be the true sunshine state.